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Places  to visit

Thinking of visiting or going on pilgrimage to Jerusalem? (Notre Dame Centre of Jerusalem site)

Ave Maria Town and University USA


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Catholic Issues (General Catholic matters - site created by an Australian family)

 Catholic Concern for Animals (UK and USA) 

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Movies and culture:

"Therese" - the movie on St Therese of Lisieux (released on Oct.1, 2004)


On Harry Potter

Australian and Canadian Indigenous Art


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The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code: Facts behind the Fiction (article by Father John Flader in The Catholic Weekly)

About the novel, The Da Vinci Code (United Kingdom Catholic Bishops Conference)

Jesus Decoded - An analysis of The Da Vinci Code (U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference site)

More on The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci hoax (critique by Olsen and Miesel)

The Da Vinci Dialogue - Views of various experts on The Da Vinci Code

On The Da Vinci Code (Australian Bishops' Conference site)

The Truth decoded (Australian Catholic Students' Association)

Materials on The Da Vinci Code (various articles and resources - Paul Smith)

Challenging The Da Vinci Code (a critique by the Sydney Anglicans)

On The Da Vinci Code  (French language site)


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Items of Interest

Various items of interest 

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Sister Lucia and the Third Secret of Fatima

Biographies of interesting persons

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On the relations between religion and democracy

On Postmodernism in our contemporary culture

About Terrorism in our day

The Workplace


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   Non-Christian systems

About the early Gnostics (such as the "Gospel of Judas")

On Freemasonry


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Learn a language (for free)

Search your ancestry


Catholic baby names (journal)


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Catholic matchmaking


News Item from Germany: Pope Benedict's father was a "low-level civil servant" and already 43 when he placed an advertisement in a Bavarian newspaper for "a good Catholic girl, who can cook and sew a bit and to marry as soon as possible, preferably with a picture". That was in March 1920. Four months later Joseph Ratzinger senior, by then a "mid-ranking civil servant", advertised again and this time got a reply from Maria Peintner, who became the mother of the future Pope and two other children.

Catholic Matchmaking (dating) Service  (Catholic Match: U.S.A. site with Australian members)


Catholic Matchmaking (contact and dating service) (Ave Maria Singles: USA site)

Catholic Singles


Catholic Singles (ninemsn Communities)


Catholic Mingle


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How to vote Catholic


Democratic Labor Party (DLP - Victoria)


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