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Catholic Institutes of Study

Language Study

Catholic Publications

Catholic Research & Resources

Catholic Teaching

Catholic Groups & Societies

Catholic Forums

Resources for Historical Research

Various links to Catholic Culture



Catholic Institutes of Study

The Catholic Distance University (USA)

(study the Catholic Faith by correspondence for diploma and degree programs)

Maryvale Institute of Further and Higher Education (Birmingham, UK) - distance study

Catholic Home Study Service (USA) distance

Catholic Online Theology courses (St Thomas Aquinas Newman community, USA)

Augustine Institute distance degree program USA (Masters in Theology)

Villanova University (USA)

Georgetown University (USA)

Institute of Psychological Sciences (USA graduate school of Psychology)

St Michael's Institute for Psychological Sciences (USA)

The Acton Institute for the study of Religion and Liberty (USA)

Catholic Education Resource Centre (USA and Canada)

Ignatius-Angelicum Liberal Studies Program (Tertiary on-line degrees)


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Language Study

Learn and experience Latin (with Fr Reginald Foster of Rome)


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Catholic Publications

The Catholic Encyclopedia (of 1913)

The Australian e-Journal of Theology (Australian Catholic University)

Compass (Australian quarterly review of Theology) 


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Catholic Research & Resources

Sacred Text Archive

Classics of Catholic reading (The Bible, writings of the Church Fathers and of various saints)

Conrad Baars: Psychiatry based on Aquinas' vision of man

Cardinal Newman Faith Resources, Inc. (Merrylands, NSW)

Aspects of Philosophy

Best Catholic Links (USA)

Pontifical Gregorian University Library (Rome)

CathWorld (Catholic-Christian resource search engine)

CatholiCity (resource for books and other Catholic information)

General Catholic reference source (Trinity Communications site)

FaithCentral (Resources for the study of Catholic doctrine and culture) (New Zealand site) - resources for Catholic teaching, thought and life ( North Haven, CT. USA)

CatholicSource (site for Catholic resources)

Catholic Culture: Liturgical Year, Documents Library, Site reviews, etc (Trinity Communications site)

New Advent (Catholic Encyclopedia, Bible, Church Fathers, etc)

Catholic Authors



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Catholic Teaching

Catholic Tube (Videos on a wide range of topics)

On the Parish in the life of the Church

On the reality and nature of sin

Catholic Answers

How to vote Catholic


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Catholic Groups & Societies

Lay apostolate of Apologetics and Evangelisation (St Gabriel Communications link) (USA - Paulist Fathers)

Federation of Catholic Family associations in Europe

Society of Catholic Social Scientists (USA)

Women for Faith and Family (USA)

Vatican Friends (Catholic social networking)


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Catholic Forums

Saint Thomas Aquinas Forum of Catholic Theology

Catholic Exchange (Matters of Catholic interest)

Sources for Catholic life, doctrine and culture (Catholic Community Forum link)

Juthouruna Youth (Christian youth at Bethlehem)


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Resources for Historical Research

Items of interest in the history of the Church

Internet Sacred Text Archive

The Protestant Reformation (Protestant site)

The Protestant Reformers (Protestant site)

Hannover Historical Texts Project

A Bibliography of Canadian Religious History (edited by Brian F. Hogan)

American Catholic History (USA link)

Centre for Thomas More studies (USA)


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Various links to Catholic Culture

The Crossroads Initiative (the Church, the Pope, the Catholic Faith) (Marcellino D'Ambrosio site)

AmericanCatholic (St Anthony Messenger Press website) 

Various other matters of Catholic interest (cyberCatholic)

TotalCatholic (Matters of general Catholic interest) (U.K. site: Unverse Catholic Newspaper)

SpiritDaily (Catholic websites of various interest)

Catholic Treasury

The Reason for our Hope (Father Larry Richards, Pennsylvania USA) (General Catholic matters - site created by an Australian family)

For Catholic Magicians (tricks)

Some Catholic websites  

More Catholic links

John Mallon's website (USA - Catholic writer)

Religious videos ( and related links

Catholic Answers

Receive a Catholic message

This Rock (USA Apologetics)

Open Bethlehem: about the city of Bethlehem now

Decent Films Guide

The Catholic Thing (on-line journal)


Catholics Come Home


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